About Us

Professional and Expert Contractors

De-Sus Company Limited is a duly registered business entity under the laws of Ghana. The company was established in October 2017 and has been successful in its operations thus far.  We provide a wide range of services including Property Managements, General construction/civil works, General Merchants & supplies.  We deliver superior services to our customers. We are customer focused organization hence good customer service with after sale service is integral part of our service delivery.  We are always available to address our customers’ concerns. We offer our services to large corporations, SMEs, and Individuals. 

Among our objectives is to provide quality and affordable services to our customers, to ensure a just in time delivery, customer satisfaction and offer competitive prices. Our experienced staffs and affiliations with some local and international organizations in the industry make us stand tall among our competitors. 

Our Mission

To be cost effective and efficient in providing real estate solutions to our valued customers.

Our Vision

Efficiency Customer Satisfaction Accountability Self-Discipline We uphold the highest standard of self-discipline required to ensure that we achieve our mission, vision and our values.


We are  team of professional Engineers you can trust !

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