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We are resilient on our promises; the focal minded engineers you can trust. We, Desus, have constantly delivered on your request.


Our project execution is economical you can easily bid we also give you the room to plan with us on any project you want to execute.

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We are master-hand experienced company in our time. Our time-line can attest to the fat that we deliver in time.

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Yes. We will do free evaluation to any kind of project. Rely on DE-SUS .

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To be cost effective and efficient in providing real estate solutions to our valued customers.

To become the preferred choice for customer in the real estate industry in terms of general construction and property maintenance.

Core Values

We provide high standard service to our customers with the least effort and resources. We avoid waste of resources including materials and time to offer the needed solutions to our customers. We achieve much with little.

Our business thrives on providing superior services in the real estate industry to our customers. We go all length to ensure that service delivered is not in variance with customers’ expectations. This requires us to use quality material and the right set of competence for the execution of our services.

We take absolute responsibility for services in terms of material and labor input. We make sure that we address customers’ concerns that arise from any service we execute. We follow up on our services after delivery till when we are assured that all customers’ concerns are properly addressed.


We uphold the highest standard of self-discipline required to ensure that we achieve our mission, vision and our values.

What we Do

Plumbing, Painting, Tiling, Elcetrical Services & General maintenance works. We also install Energy saving LED bulbs, Solar LED bulbs, Solar Air conditioners.

Land survey, Architectural Works, building and constructions, All building finishing works such as plumbing, painting, tiling, plaster, cement, Acoustic Board Installations, Electrical wiring, Air conditioning installations, etc

We supply and install Electricals materials (LED panel lights, Cables, Switches, switchgears & MCBS, CCTV, Fire alarm, Internet installations, Air conditioning, and Solar panels. We also install Energy saving LED bulbs, Solar LED bulbs, Solar Air conditioners and all kinds of building materials.

Our Team

These Young Men Have for the past Five (5) year exhibited a true tenacity in their field of work. We can Trust them on anything construction, we believe in their effort to providing service to the world at large.

Mr Steven Egblorgbe


Mr Jacob Agbetsiafa


Our Customers

Human Development Association International (HUDAI), Somotex Ghana  Limited, Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (F.A.O), Ghana National Mosque, K. M. L Ventures Limited, National Entrepreneurship Innovations Program (NEIP), Alexander Annesx Estate Developers, Yantai International Company limited etc.