Our Clients

Our Customers

Human Development Association International (HUDAI), Somotex Ghana Limited, Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (F.A.O), Ghana National Mosque, K. M. L Ventures Limited, National Entrepreneurship Innovations Program (NEIP), Alexander Annesx Estate Developers, Yantai International Company limited etc. 

Other Services

Conduit installations (wall chiseling and pipe laying)

Surface installations (Trunk laying)

General maintenance (Servicing and repair work)

Domestic, commercial, and industrial wiring

Pipe laying (chiseling works, and conduit box fixing)

Wiring (passing the electrical cables to the various point, eg AC system, Powerpoint system, and the lighting system)

Termination (fixing all fittings such as bulbs, switches, and sockets distribution board, etc)

Close Circuit Television (CCTV) installations

Automated gate installations

Fire alarm systems installations


What We Stand For

To be cost-effective and efficient in providing real estate solutions to our valued customers.

To become the preferred choice for customer in the real estate industry in terms of general construction and property maintenance.

Efficiency Customer Satisfaction Accountability Self-Discipline We uphold the highest standard of self-discipline required to ensure that we achieve our mission, vision and our values.

Your Feedback

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